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A problem of insulation
In groups of four, you will compete against each other in a challenge. You will build an insulated container where you will place a thermometer capable of measuring max/min temperatures.
[Upper secondary school]
Magnus Johansson; Bromangymnasiet Hudiksvall
ComputerAidedDesign (CAD) - LEGO
Make drawings and assembly 3D LEGO-parts with CAD software
[Upper secondary school school]
Louise Ågren; Bromangymnasiet Hudiksvall
Criticising an experiment
Learning how to evaluate an experiment by providing an easily criticized experiment
[Upper secondary]
Magnus Johansson; Bromangymnasiet Hudiksvall
Introduction to Flight
A lesson considering how flight is achieved in different objects.
[11-16 years old students]
Kevin Proctor; Devonport High School for Boys, DHSB
Light Sensor Device
Soldering and contructing a functional light sensor
Birute Bartkeviciute
Make stadiums great again
Maths and sports: Let’s give back their freedom to sportsmen!
Romain Janvier; Charles Baudelaire
Maths and bees
Vocabulary and calculus about plane geometry through the honeycomb example.
Chantal Reboux; Charles Baudelaire
Paper Towers
Work as a team to plan, cost and build the tallest tower possible from sheets of newspaper and small pieces of cellotape.
[11-16 years old students]
Kevin Proctor
Series Circuiting of resistors
Exercices of serial resistors
Gintautas Stonys
Super Capacitor Racer
Decide which pulley ratio will enable the racer to cover the greatest distance based on observations of the in-air wheel speed.
[12-14 year old children]
Tristan Foster; Tavistock College
The Palletised Drop Test Mechanism
This report is to document the research and development of the Palletised Drop Test Mechanism.
[12-14 years old students]
Camilla Snowden, Dominic Newton, Hugo Challis, Peter Alexander; Devonport High School for Boys, DHSB
The project of Delsbo electric
A competition open to college and university students.The goal is to design and construct a battery driven railway vehicle
[13-14 years old students]
Victor Strandell; Bromangymnasiet Hudiksvall
Understanding Exam Questions
Where are most of the marks lost? Read the questions!
[all ages]
James Strud; Tavistock College
Wastewater is used water. We are going to see how to treat water and what can help us.
[16-19 year old students]
Nerijus Cesiulis, Alytaus Kolegija
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