The shape of music
Romain Janvier; Charles Baudelaire
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The music sounds over science: The Pythagorean Scale


The shape of music

Have you ever wondered?

  • Why is there not a black key between some white keys on a piano keyboard?
  • Why are the frets on a guitar board not evenly spaced?
  • Are C ] and D [ really the same note?
  • Why is there a F ] in the G major scale?
  • Why is the third harmonic named a “?fth” and the ?fth one named “third”?
  • What is a wolf interval?
  • Why are musical scales only composed of 5, 7 or 12 notes?
  • Why are power chords so... powerful?
  • Why is drop-D tuning so popular amongst heavy-metal bands?
  • And many other questions related to musical theory...
Then, seek no further young fellow, because all the answers lie in the power of: the Pythagorean scale!
  • Download the main document with explanations and exercises to be rersolved by your students
  • Also you have a PDF document with funny and entertaining Slides Games

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