The project of Delsbo electric
Victor Strandell; Bromangymnasiet Hudiksvall
Target Group
13-14 years old students
Brief Description
A competition open to college and university students.The goal is to design and construct a battery driven railway vehicle


1 - The project of Delsbo electric

Competition Description

A competition open to college and university students.

The goal is to design and construct a battery driven railway vehicle.

  • The Aim of the competition is to give students the possibility to participate in a hands-on, exciting and inspirational technical project
  • The main competition was held on Saturday 28 th May on the Dellen Railway (team check in on Thursday 26th)
  • The rules  can be viewed on our website
  • The prize for the winning team is 10.000 SEK. Each team that beats the best result from all previous years will receive a 2000 SEK payment.

2 - Rules Summary

All the details

  • Participants
    The competition is open to students from further education institutions.
  • Participation fee
    The fee is 1.500 SEK per team.
  • Prize
    The prize for the winning team is 10.000 SEK.
  • Team leader
    Each team should have a team name and a specific team leader (teacher or student).
  • Crew and use of vehicle
    Each crew is dedicated to only one vehicle.

The aim of the competition is to run a vehicle 3,36 km using as little energy as possible.

Record Conditions

In order for a new record to be approved the tail wind speed must be less than 2,0 m/s.

The track is a railway with a regular Swedish track width, nominally 1435 mm. There are some slight variations in the track width


The vehicle should, during the competition, maintain an average speed of between 10 and 15 km/hr. The vehicle must have a brake system and a construction not likely too to be able to derail. All competing passengers must be able to sit in a normal sitting position with a back support. Feet can be elevated is desired. The back support should be at an angle between 60 and 90 degrees and be at least 35cm high.

The green area is acceptable degree of the seat.

Driver and passengers

Each vehicle may be crewed by a minimum of one and a maximum of 6 persons.

Test driving of the vehicles before the competition is compulsory.

It is forbidden for teams to use the competition track before 26th May 2016

Competitors may want to familiarise themselves with the railway points system. A points junction exists at the west end of Delsbo station which can be used for testing.

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