The "Girls and Math" day
Claire Castillon-Lemettais
Target Group
11-16 years old students
Brief Description
Event for the promotion of scientific (espacially mathematics) and technical studies and professions, among girls.


The "Girls and Math" day

Two french associations called "Animath" ( and "Femmes et mathématiques" (
have decided to create an event for the promotion of scientific (espacially mathematics) and technical studies and professions, among GIRLS!

In Grenoble, this event is hosted once a year by the famous National School in Engineering of Applied Mathematics from Grenoble (ENSIMAG :, which is also a great partner !

The idea is to meet young girl - students with scientists, engineers, researchers, etc... but only women !


On Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015, 15 girls studying in scientific sections went to ENSIMAG accompanied by two mathematics "girl-teachers" to participate in this day.

On next Wednesday, November 30th, an other group of girls from "Lycée Baudelaire" will have the opportunity to benefit from this experience.

We propose this event to all the volunteers girls of scientific section, but only 15 of them can participate ; we choose the most motivated and legitimate.

An agreement is signed by organisers, our school, each student and her parents.
We go from Annecy to Grenoble by bus or train.


Our students have heard a conference by a woman teacher-researcher, who explained an example on research subject in applied mathematics ; it was sometimes a little bit difficult, but they could see some links with their own studies and also with some famous applications, as picture compression.

Then, they have listened and questioned  women-mathematicians, from different ages and backgrounds, about their business and careers ; these women were a very young just graduate engineer, a research engineer and a scientist became manager by creating is own company.

At lunch time, some engineer girl-students joined us and everybody could share a buffet having informal discussions.

The afternoon began with panel discussions, in small groups, with girl-students, women-engineers, women-scientists, coming from the research community or industry.

To finish, they attended and participated in an interactive play, to become aware and think about the most common stereotypes about girls and scientific studies.


Our students have discovered the richness and variety of applications and business about which mathematics can lead.
They were very impressed and receptive to the "passion" of the interveners for their business or research !
The most important they retained is :

" Do not forbid yourself to study science.
Have the audacity to do what you really like ! "
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