Paper Towers
Kevin Proctor
Target Group
11-16 years old students
Brief Description
Work as a team to plan, cost and build the tallest tower possible from sheets of newspaper and small pieces of cellotape.


1 - Tower Challenge

The basics

The tower must be built within budget and be able to support a packet of chocolate buttons.

The next photographies show differente examples of towers:

Extra points will be gained for:

  • the ability of the tower to withstand gusts of wind
  • each cm of height of the tower
  • each £10 under budget

2 - Costs and Points

Detailed rules


  • Your budget is £500
  • Each sheet of paper costs £100 (you have been given 3 sheets to start with so have a remaining budget of £200)
  • Each ½ sheet of paper costs £50
  • 10 cm of cellotape costs £5


You will be judged on the number of points you have accumulated….as follows:

  • 10 points for each cm of height of the
  • 10 points per gust of wind survived (up to a maximum of 50 points)
  • 5 points for every £10 under budget

3 - Example

Of the Running Total

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