Make stadiums great again
Romain Janvier; Charles Baudelaire
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Maths and sports: Let’s give back their freedom to sportsmen!


Make stadiums great again

Sportsmen are surrounded in a stadium.

They have no freedom.

It's like putting them in jail!


Let’s give back their freedom to sportsmen!

Let’s make a stadium where you are the one surrounded!


Introducing the inscribed stadium

  • The seats are inside the track.
  • The spectators are the one surrounded by sportsmen.
  • The parking is underground.
  • A more intimate stadium (our stadium has exactly 5428 seats)
  • It’s almost a cosy stadium.
  • The roof offers a panoramic view to see eveything.

What we are waiting for?

  • Olympic certification
  • Security validation
  • A name for this stadium
  • We are waiting for your suggestions!

Check the PDF files to download

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