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11 year
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Evidence for evolution


Evidence for Evolution

S-M Explain the evidence for evolution linking to genetics and theories

S-M Explain why Darwin's theory of evolution was accepted over other theories at the time.

Success Criteria

-To diagnosis your prior understanding

-To work at the correct levels to progress understanding of topic.

-To be independent learners.        

        Books, Buddy, Chrome (no phones!)

-To show resilience.

Help Questions - Darwin

•Define the following terms
      Natural selection
•Describe the theory of survival of the fittest
•Where is DNA found?
•Describe what codes for adaptation?


Help Questions - Lamarck/ isolation

Who was Lamarck?

What was his theory

Describe the term “use of lose it”

How did his theory affect evolution?

Describe the term isolation



- Individuals that are poorly adapted to their environment are less likely to survive and reproduce than those that are well adapted. Similarly, it is possible that a species that is poorly adapted to its environment will not survive and will become extinct.

- Here are some of the factors that can cause a species to become extinct:

        New diseases

        New predators

        New, more successful competitors

        Changes to the environment over geological time - such as a change in climate

        A single catastrophic event - such as a massive volcanic eruption or a collision between an asteroid and the Earth

The dodo example

  • - The dodo was a heavily-built flightless bird, roughly the size of a swan.
  • - Engraving of the extinct dodo
  • - Dodos lived on Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean. The island was uninhabited and the birds had no natural predators.
  • - Then Mauritius was colonised by the Dutch in 1638. Dodos were hunted for food and easy to catch because they were not afraid of people. New competitors were brought onto the island, including pigs, cats and rats. These ate the dodos' eggs and their young. Within 80 years, the dodo was extinct.

Help Questions - Extinction

- Define the term extinction

- What factors cause extinction

        Small scale

        Large (mass) scale

- Why did the Dodo become extinct

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