Diving today!
Christophe Encrenaz, Charles Baudelaire
Target Group
16-17 years old students
Brief Description
Diving today!


Diving today !


The mission entrusted to you !


You are an amateur diver and you are hoping to do a report on the DONATOR wreck for your


You have to rent a action camera (for example a GoPro). You have several available movie

cameras but your budget is limited.

Which camera will you choose for your report? Explain your choice by using the different

documents. You must organise an expeximent. Explain the method, carry it and interpret the


You must do a report.



Let’s go diving!

Diving today !

First document  : Action-camera features


The highest pressure the case camera can support depends on the model you choose.


- Standard GoPro camera:

All HERO3+ cameras are sold in a standard case which resists until 4 bars pressure.

Renting price for a day: 30€.


- Olympus Stylus TG-630 waterproof

Waterproof camera can resist until 1.5 bars pressure.

Renting price for a day : 15€


-BacPac GoPro :

If you use a BacPac camera, its waterproofness is guaranteed until 7 bars pressure and its battery life is increased.

Renting price for a day : 45€


- Waterproof Seashell SS-i5 case :

Waterproof camera can resist until 5 bars pressure.

If you have an iPhone, you can rent it for 30€ a day.

Second document : the Donator


The Donator, or Prosper Schiaffino, is a wreck of a boat sunk by a mine in

1945. It is located between the French islands Port-Cros ans Porquerolles. It

is one of the famous wrecks you can see in the Mediterranean sea.


On the 10th november 1945, full of wine from Algeria, the Donator was on its

way to Porquerolles, moving closer to the coast to protect from the mistral.

At 1PM, a floating mine tore the boat which sank very quickly before sailors

could put the lifeboats to the sea. Fortunately, a Royal Air force plane

signalled the alert. Five sailors died in this shipwreck.



Lowest depth : 35 m

Highest depth : 51 m

Things of interest on the wreck : gangways, hold, propeller, rudder.

Fauna : gorgonian coral, shoal of fish, grouper, moray eel, pelagic fish

The back mast was still erected before 2002, 25 meters under the sea. It is

now fallen.

Diving today !

Third document : Pressure and its measure


Pressure can be measured in different units. In this table, you can read the conversions between them.

The pressure devices locates the pressure in a particular spot. The measure is given in hPa.


·              ·         To measure the pressure of the atmosphere, you just have to turn on the pressure device and read the indication in hPa.


·             ·         To measure the pressure of a liquid, plunge the extremity of the hose into the liquid and locate the separation between the gas and the liquid. Read the indication on the pressure device in hPa.

Fourth document : Available equipment


- Water.


- Pressure device with its hose.


- Graduated test tubes with different volumes.


- Beakers.


- Graduated rulers.


- Computers.


- Basins ...

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