SMART is a project for teachers to work with teachers and students to improve teaching by sharing and developing Best Practice (BP).

SMART stands for Science, Maths and Relevant Technology.

Along with good marks, transferable skills are the best assets to attain while in education. Teachers work to make students employable. In schools, teachers must now relocate themselves in a new learning environment among digital natives developing very fast. To ensure that this development takes place in our schools, teachers need the opportunities to explore possibilities of redefining tasks for learning simultaneously with their present teaching as teachers must offer relevant learning opportunities for their students. Today, learning and teaching must to go hand in hand due to cut resources and reduced government funds. The learning done by teachers must happen along with the learning their students do.

The best way to tackle the demand from our governments as well as from the market, is through real life learning in an entrepreneurial way.

Aims of the project
  • Developing basic and transversal skills using innovative methods.
  • Strengthening the profile of teaching professions.
  • Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation.
  • To be better at teaching Science, Maths and Tecnology, and, at times, in combination.